Jerry Evans

Jerry Evans


Jerry graduated in 2008 with a degree in psychology and was a practicing psychologist for over five years. But his career took a steep turn in 2013, when he discovered the world of sugar dating and realized that it’s what interests him the most from the professional point of view. Jerry has professionally explored every sugar dating website there is and now he is ready to tell his readers which sugar dating sites deserve their attention and which are better to be avoided. Moreover, as a psychologist with a deep understanding of interpersonal relationships, Jerry knows exactly how to attract your perfect match.

Jerry Evans is our go-to authority on sugar dating. He is passionate about guiding sugar babies, daddies, and mommas through the world of sugar dating. With over 5 years of expertise, Jerry had a specialized blog on Instagram with many posts that went viral. 

Now Jerry is an expert in researching the newest trends in sugar dating and is always on the cutting edge of the field's latest changes. He is committed to providing helpful insights and tips to help sugar daters find suitable partners.

Our expert believes that all people participating in sugar dating should have a safe, fun, and fulfilling experience. In all sugar dating situations, he highlights the importance of setting limits, communicating expectations, and always having mutual respect. Jerry's knowledge and enthusiasm for sugar arrangements make him a key member of our team.

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